12 Popular Android APK’s Not Available in Google Play Store

There are a lot of Android apps out there and we know that almost every single application is available in Google Play Store. But, did you know there are also many unique apps that you can’t find on the Play Store? These apps are usually unavailable in Play Store because they don’t follow Google’s rules, or because the app developers chose not to publish them there. Instead, these apps are available as APKs (Android Package Kits), which you can download and install directly onto your Android device.

In this blog post, we will explore the 12 most popular Android APKs that are not available in Google Play Store. These apps cover a range of uses, from productivity and entertainment to unique interfaces that can change how you use your Android device. These apps are safe and legal to use, but remember, you should only download APKs from reliable and trusted sources to ensure your device safety.

So, if you’re ready to discover some new and exciting apps, keep reading!

Fortnite APK

First up on our list is a very popular game called Fortnite APK. Fortnite is an exciting and world’s most popular RPG game after PUBG. It’s a game where you and many other players fight to be the last one standing on an island. The island is full of weapons and dangers, and there’s also a storm that can catch you if you’re not careful. The game looks great and it changes a lot, with new stuff added all the time. Fortnite has two ways to play. In ‘Battle Royale’, you try to outlive up to 100 players on the island. You’ll need to find shields, weapons, and other items to help you survive. There’s also a ‘Save the World’ mode where you team up with others to fight off zombies. In this mode, you can build defenses, find weapons, and help your teammates. You can also get new characters and upgrade your weapons. Fortnite is a really fun game that lets you play in different ways, and it also has cool events and rewards.

The reason why Fortnite is not available on the Google Play Store is that Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, decided to remove the game from the Google Play Store due to disagreements over Google’s fee policy. Google charges a 30% fee on in-app purchases, which Epic Games disagreed with. Therefore, to play Fortnite on Android, you need to download the APK file from the official Fortnite website.

Vidmate APK

The second most popular APK is Vidmate APK, a versatile media downloader that’s earned a substantial following among Android users worldwide. This application is the one-stop solution for downloading content from a variety of social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. Vidmate APK offers simple and intuitive UI, making it easy to navigate for users of all experience levels. You can download videos in different resolutions, ranging from low-quality 360p all the way up to high-definition 1080p. Besides videos, Vidmate is also proficient in downloading music files, turning it into a two-in-one downloader that caters to both video and audio preferences.

Unfortunately, Vidmate APK is also not available on the Google Play Store. This is because it facilitates downloading videos from platforms like YouTube, which breaks Google’s policy as it owns YouTube and does not permit downloading videos directly from it for offline use. However, you can download Vidmate’s APK file from its official website. Remember to exercise caution and ensure you have a reliable antivirus system in place when downloading and installing APKs from the internet.

Tubemate APK

The third APK on our list is TubeMate APK. This user-friendly app has garnered popularity for its primary function: downloading videos directly from YouTube. It’s quite similar to Vidmate but it has some good features. With this APK you can not only can you save your favorite content for offline viewing, but TubeMate also offers a significant degree of flexibility in terms of video quality and format, providing options ranging from 240p to full HD 1080p, and even 4k for some videos. TubeMate stands out due to its intuitive interface that resembles YouTube, making it an effortless switch for users. A prominent feature of this app is the ability to download audio-only versions of videos, serving as a quick YouTube to MP3 converter. This feature can be particularly useful when you’re only interested in the soundtrack of a video or wish to conserve data.

The reason why TubeMate isn’t available on Google Play Store aligns with the same restrictions as VidMate. Google does not endorse the downloading of content from YouTube, its subsidiary platform, for offline viewing or listening. That said, TubeMate APK can be easily and safely downloaded from its official website as an APK file. As always, remember to ensure your device’s safety by downloading APKs only from trusted sources and maintaining an updated antivirus system.

Xposed Framework APK

The next APK is the Xposed Framework APK. It’s an essential tool for Android users who want to customize their device beyond the conventional. Xposed Framework allows users to modify and tweak their devices without touching the APKs or system files, a truly magical tool for any Android enthusiast looking to push the boundaries of what their device can do. Xposed Framework works by creating modules that can change how the Android system and apps behave. There are thousands of modules available, each offering unique tweaks and modifications, from altering the look and feel of your device to enhancing battery life or tweaking app permissions. The best part? You can make all these changes without having to install a custom ROM or make irreversible changes to your device’s system files.

The reason Xposed Framework is not available on the Google Play Store is its nature of operation. It makes changes at the system level, something that Google does not typically allow for apps on the Play Store. This is to protect users from unintentionally damaging their device or creating security vulnerabilities. But for tech-savvy users who know what they are doing, Xposed Framework can be downloaded as an APK from the official Xposed Framework website or other trusted sources. As with any system-level modification, users should be aware of the potential risks and always back up their data before proceeding.

LMT Launcher

Now the next APK is LMT Launcher APK. It’s a versatile tool that takes device customization to a whole new level. This app offers a pie-style launcher, bringing an exciting and unconventional way of accessing your favorite apps, settings, and shortcuts with just one hand. LMT Launcher stands out with its signature feature: the PieControl navigation. By touching the edge of your screen, a pie-shaped menu appears, providing easy access to various apps and functions. This feature can significantly enhance your navigation speed and device handling, especially on larger devices. Additionally, LMT Launcher offers gesture controls, allowing you to define custom actions for specific swipes or touches on the screen.

The reason LMT Launcher isn’t on the Google Play Store can be attributed to its extensive system access requirements. The app manipulates several deep-level settings to provide its unique navigation and gesture features, something that goes against Google’s policy for Play Store apps.

ChromePie Xposed APK

The next APK on our list is ChromePie Xposed, an ingenious modification designed to make your browsing experience more fluid and convenient. This Xposed module builds upon the pie-navigation concept inspired by LMT Launcher but applies it to Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers used on Android. Once installed, ChromePie Xposed transforms the way you interact with Google Chrome. By swiping in from the edge of the screen, a pie-style menu appears, providing you with quick access to functions like refresh, forward, back, new tab, and many more. This allows you to perform common browser actions faster and with just one hand, significantly enhancing usability, especially on larger screen devices.

However, ChromePie Xposed APK is not available on Google Play Store. As an Xposed module, it requires extensive permissions and manipulates Chrome’s behavior at a fundamental level, which goes against Google’s policies for apps listed on its platform. Also, it requires root access, something Google is cautious about due to potential security risks. For Android users with rooted devices and the Xposed Framework installed, ChromePie Xposed APK can be a game-changer for mobile browsing. The APK can be safely downloaded from trusted sources like the official Xposed Module Repository or XDA Developers forums. Remember, as with all system modifications, always back up your data and ensure your device’s security when installing APKs.

MiXplorer APK

The next addition to our list is MiXplorer APK, an all-in-one file management solution that certainly deserves attention. This robust file manager merges both advanced functionality and a sleek user interface, making file browsing on your Android device a breeze. It offers range of features such as tabbed browsing, dual-pane mode, and root browsing, MiXplorer is tailored to cater to both regular users and power users seeking extensive file management capabilities.

What sets MiXplorer apart from many other file managers is its support for a wide variety of file types and cloud storage services. It can handle all common file formats, and it integrates seamlessly with cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. On top of that, MiXplorer APK supports archive file formats like ZIP and RAR, and even advanced file formats like VHD and ISO. Despite these extensive capabilities, the app maintains a lightweight design, ensuring smooth operation even on lower-end devices.

Similar to the other APKs we’ve discussed, MiXplorer APK isn’t available on the Google Play Store. This is likely due to its root browsing features, which allow users to access and modify system files that are typically off-limits, presenting a potential security risk if misused. Therefore, while the app is powerful and versatile, it’s recommended for more tech-savvy users who understand these implications. The APK for MiXplorer can be safely downloaded from the app’s official website or other reliable APK sources, always keeping device security and data protection in mind.

Adway APK

Coming up next is AdAway APK, an Android application that aims to improve your device usage experience by effectively blocking unwanted ads. As a user, if you’ve ever been bothered by intrusive advertisements while using apps or browsing the web, AdAway APK is a tool that can be of significant help. It operates by altering your device’s host file, thereby blocking the network requests that pop-up ads make to servers. AdAway offers a clean and straightforward user interface, and its functionalities extend to both apps and browsers. This allows a largely ad-free experience, whether you’re playing your favorite game or surfing the internet. Notably, AdAway gives you the flexibility to whitelist or blacklist specific apps or websites, granting you full control over where you wish to allow ads.

However, AdAway APK isn’t available on the Google Play Store. The primary reason lies in its functionality – Google’s policy doesn’t allow ad-blocking apps on the Play Store because advertisements are a primary revenue source for many free apps and services. Additionally, AdAway requires root access to your device to function correctly, which poses potential security risks and is generally discouraged by Google.

iRoot APK

Now the next popular APK is iRoot APK, a powerful app designed for Android users seeking to gain ‘root’ access to their devices. Rooting can unlock new possibilities, offering a greater degree of control and customization than regular users have. iRoot is one such application that has simplified this process, making it accessible even to less tech-savvy users. iRoot is a one-click rooting app, meaning it can root your Android device with just a single tap. This eliminates the need for complex procedure

However, iRoot APK is not available on the Google Play Store. The main reason is that rooting involves gaining administrative-level access to the device’s system files, which comes with potential risks including voiding the device’s warranty, bricking the device, or making it vulnerable to malware. Therefore, Google does not allow rooting apps on the Play Store to protect users from these potential risks.s that were traditionally associated with rooting. Whether you’re aiming to improve your device’s performance, remove bloatware, customize the look and feel, or gain access to root-only apps, iRoot can help you achieve this.

WhatsApp Plus APK

The next APK on our list is WhatsApp Plus, an enhanced, third-party version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. While it operates in much the same way as the original application, WhatsApp Plus APK offers users an expanded range of customization options and additional features that aim to make your chatting experience more personalized and dynamic. With WhatsApp Plus APK, you can modify various visual aspects of the app, such as themes, fonts, and icon colors, allowing you to give the app a unique look and feel. It also offers extended privacy settings, such as the ability to hide online status or blue tick receipts, providing you with additional control over your WhatsApp usage. Other features include larger file and media sharing capabilities, an increased limit on pinned chats, and more.

However, WhatsApp Plus is not available on the Google Play Store. The primary reason is that it’s an unofficial modification of WhatsApp, and as such, it’s not authorized or supported by the official developers. This can potentially introduce security risks, as the app’s code isn’t subject to the same rigorous testing and updates as the official app.

Snaptube APK

The next popular APK is SnapTube, a popular APK among users who enjoy downloading videos and music from various platforms directly to their Android devices. From YouTube to Facebook, Instagram to Twitter, and many more, SnapTube serves as a reliable one-stop solution for your media downloading needs. SnapTube stands out with its straightforward and user-friendly interface. Simply search for the video or audio you wish to download, and SnapTube provides you with the download options, ranging from different resolutions for videos (including 1080p and 4K) to distinct audio formats. It also includes a built-in player, allowing you to enjoy your downloaded content without leaving the app. Moreover, the application’s design permits background downloads, so you can continue using other apps while your videos or music files download.

However, SnapTube is not available in the Google Play Store. This is primarily due to Google’s policies, which restrict apps that can download videos from YouTube, as it is against YouTube’s terms of service.

Magisk Manager APK

The last APK in this list is Magisk Manager APK. A powerful app for rooted devices, Magisk Manager serves as a versatile systemless interface that allows users to modify their device’s system without affecting the core code. Magisk Manager provides users with a wealth of functionality to enhance their rooted Android experience. It offers a comprehensive module repository, with various modules that users can download to customize their devices. Additionally, Magisk Manager comes with a built-in root permission manager, providing users with complete control over which apps can access root permissions. It also features Magisk Hide, a notable feature that allows apps to run without detecting the device’s root status, proving invaluable for apps that restrict or disable functionalities on rooted devices.

Yet, you won’t find Magisk Manager on the Google Play Store. This is largely due to Google’s policy on system modification and root access apps. Despite this, for tech enthusiasts who’ve rooted their devices and comprehend the related risks, Magisk Manager is a must-have tool. It can be downloaded as an APK from its official GitHub repository or other trustworthy APK sources. As with all root access apps, users should exercise caution, maintain regular data backups, and prioritize device security when installing Magisk Manager.

In this article, we have highlighted twelve notable Android APKs that are not available on Google Play Store. Each of these applications, from Fortnite and iRoot to AdAway and SnapTube, offers unique features and functionalities, enhancing your experience on your Android device. However, it’s essential to remember that while these APKs provide valuable utilities, they’re not on the Google Play Store for reasons like potential security risks and violation of certain guidelines. So, it’s crucial to be careful and only download APKs from trusted sources.

There are many more remarkable APKs available outside the Google Play Store, and we’ve just scratched the surface. We’ll continue to introduce and discuss these in future articles. Until then stay tuned, enjoy exploring these APKs, and always prioritize the security of your device.

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