9 Best APK’s To Download On Android TV In 2023

Do you enjoy watching shows and movies on your Android TV? If so, you’re going to love this article! We’re about to explore some of the world’s most popular Android APKs, all available for use on your Android TV. These aren’t just your typical applications because they offer more than just access to your favorite shows or movies. With these APKs, you can elevate your Android TV’s capabilities, adding new features that transform it into a device that operates like your PC or smartphone. You’ll have the chance to enhance your TV-viewing experience, making it more interactive, versatile, and enjoyable.

Stick with us as we unveil the top APKs you should consider downloading for your Android TV in 2023

Best and Unique APK’ for Android TV- 2023

  1. Send Files to TV
  2. Sideload Launcher
  3. Kodi
  4. CatMouse APK
  5. AirScreen
  6. X-plore File Manager
  7. TVUsage
  8. Puffin TV Browser
  9. FileSynced

Send Files to TV

Our first recommendation is an APK called Send Files to TV (SFTTV). This handy app can be used to share files like movies, TV shows, or documents between your Android TV and smartphone/PC. The best part about this app is that it doesn’t require an internet connection. You might wonder where the downloaded files are stored. You can easily locate them and, if necessary, modify the path through the app’s settings panel.

SFTTV is built to be simple and intuitive. The app will automatically identify other devices on your local network that have SFTTV installed. The file transfer process is incredibly fast, making it a superior option to Bluetooth. In fact, it claims to be the quickest and most secure way to send files to your TV. SFTTV is also cross-platform, meaning it runs on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. This makes file sharing between different devices a breeze. To use SFTTV on your local network, simply install the Android APK on your TV and on each device you want to use for transferring files. With a user-friendly interface, SFTTV makes file transfers seamless and efficient.


Kodi is indisputably one of the best APKs to download on your Android TV in July 2023. That’s why this app is on 2nd number. Kodi open-source media player is much more than your standard video streaming app, which is what makes it so uniquely superior. Kodi’s powerful, flexible nature offers an unprecedented level of functionality and compatibility with a wide array of different media formats. Be it audio, video, or even images, Kodi can handle it all, organizing it beautifully and making your Android TV experience exponentially more enjoyable.

The second reason why Kodi APK ranks as a top-tier for Android TV is the sheer volume of customization options it provides. One of the major aspects is the availability of numerous ‘add-ons’. These add-ons help extend Kodi’s capabilities to include functionalities like streaming online videos, providing an interactive TV guide, or even playing games. The user-friendly interface and the convenience of tailoring the service to your specific preferences make Kodi a must-have for any Android TV owner. Whether you are an avid movie buff, a music aficionado, or a casual viewer looking to elevate your home entertainment system, Kodi serves as a comprehensive media solution.

Sideload Launcher

Sideload Launcher APK is an absolute must-have for newer Android TV devices like the ADT-1 and Nexus Player. Due to the design of Android TV, many apps need to be updated and officially declared compatible before they can be installed from the Play Store. However, many users wish to download apps from third-party apps. Although these apps may not run as seamlessly as those designed for TV, many can still function on some level. The trouble is that these sideloaded apps don’t appear in the Leanback Launcher, the Android TV home screen. That’s where Sideload Launcher comes into play.

Sideload Launcher APK serves as a bridge, making these hidden apps accessible. This simple application reveals the typical app launcher icons that a phone or tablet would display, but which are hidden on Android TV, thus allowing you to launch any sideloaded app! It essentially “tricks” the TV into installing apps designed for smartphones or tablets. While some apps might not function perfectly due to the different format, most should open and work without any significant issues. This way, Sideload Launcher enhances the usability and functionality of your Android TV, allowing you to install and use more apps than what’s initially allowed by the manufacturers or Google’s Play Store. Therefore, if you wish to broaden your Android TV’s app, then Sideload Launcher APK is an excellent app for you.

X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager APK is a feature-packed tool for your Android TV that truly lives up to its name, allowing users to explore their devices with unparalleled control and flexibility. This dual-pane explorer APK offers a unique viewing experience, displaying two folders simultaneously for easier file management. This design allows for common operations like copying files from one pane to another to be done effortlessly. Alongside this, X-plore showcases a tree view for folder hierarchy, enabling clear orientation and quick switching to other locations.

More than just an average file manager, X-plore brings a multitude of functionalities that transform your Android TV device into a versatile hub. It allows access to various cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon cloud drive, and more. The APK features built-in viewers for images, audio, text, and video, complete with subtitles. You can manage installed applications, share files over WiFi or even access your device’s files from a PC web browser. Root users have the privilege to delve deeper into the system, modifying data or uninstalling unnecessary applications. Yet, if you are a new user, you can choose to conceal internal memory, ensuring the system remains unaffected. Thus, from its dual-pane interface to the extensive features it offers, the X-plore File Manager APK is undoubtedly among the best apps for Android TV in 2023.

CatMouse APK

The CatMouse APK ranks among the top APKs to install on your Android TV in 2023, especially if you’re a fan of on-demand movies and TV shows. As an entertainment app, CatMouse offers an exhaustive library of content, providing users with a variety of choices from the latest movies to trending TV shows, all accessible at your fingertips. It offers an easy-to-use interface so that navigation throughout the app becomes easy.

One of the standout features of CatMouse is the quality of streaming it offers. It provides content in high definition, ensuring a satisfying viewing experience every time you use it. The app is also regularly updated, ensuring the library stays fresh with the latest releases and popular content. It also integrates real-debrid and trakt support for a more robust streaming experience. In addition to its impressive features, it’s free and doesn’t contain any intrusive advertisements. Therefore, for any cinema or series enthusiast, CatMouse APK is a must-have on your Android TV.

AirScreen APK

AirScreen is an advanced wireless transmission protocol receiver app that has become indispensable for Android TV users in 2023. It supports a multitude of wireless transmission protocols such as AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast, and DLNA, making it highly versatile and compatible across devices. The beauty of AirScreen lies in its ability to enable sharing of the screen, video, audio, and photos over your local network connection (Wi-Fi/Ethernet), thus fostering a new level of interaction and fun with family and friends.

The AirScreen APK goes a step further in enhancing its compatibility by supporting multiple operating systems such as iOS, macOS, Windows 10, and Android. This means you can leverage its functionalities regardless of the platform you are on, further increasing its usability. It’s also compatible with numerous applications including iTunes, YouTube, Safari, Chrome, and more, enabling access to a broad spectrum of media resources. The app also provides the ability to record the screen, ensuring you don’t miss any moment worth capturing. Additionally, AirScreen takes care of your privacy by using encrypted transmission for personal photos and videos, and offers further features such as video hardware acceleration, high-resolution images (4K), background service mode, and the ability to set personalized features like device names. All these features combine to make AirScreen an exceptional APK for Android TV.


TVUsage APK is a groundbreaking application that takes control of your Android TV experience to a new level, particularly aimed at promoting digital well-being and effective parental control. This application stands out as the 7th best APK to install on Android TV in July 2023 due to its comprehensive set of control features. You can lock specific apps or the entire Android TV with a 4-digit pin, ensuring unauthorized access is prevented. It also allows you to set screen time and usage hours for different apps, enabling you to effectively manage your digital consumption or that of your children.

Moreover, TVUsage extends its control features to accommodate different user needs. It provides an option to set break times, preventing excessive screen usage and protecting you from the perils of binge-watching. If there are specific apps you deem as non-distracting, you can allow unlimited use for them. Conversely, you can also choose to completely block certain apps. The app install and uninstall protection feature ensures no unwanted changes are made to your app library. Coupled with insightful daily and weekly usage charts, TVUsage APK makes understanding and managing your digital habits on Android TV easier than ever.

Puffin TV APK

Securing the 8th position in our list of best APKs for Android TV in 2023 is the Puffin TV Browser. This unique web browser is meticulously optimized for Android TV, providing a superior browsing experience on Smart-TVs and Set-Top-Boxes. With a sleek and intuitive user interface, it creates an environment that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Puffin TV Browser stands out for its impressive loading speeds, making your browsing experience smooth and hassle-free. It also supports adjustable playback speeds, allowing you to control your video viewing experience precisely.

Beyond these features, Puffin TV Browser offers an optimized video playback functionality, ensuring that your video content is streamed in the best possible quality. It aims to provide a full web experience, reproducing the nuances of browsing on a conventional computer or mobile device, but on a larger screen. One of its unique features is the Puffin TV Remote, which enhances navigation and control over your browsing experience. Also, it allows users to send any website link to Puffin TV for a more immersive viewing experience. Although it has shifted to a subscription-based model, it offers flexible pricing options, including short-term prepaid subscriptions, so users only pay for Puffin when they need to use it. These comprehensive features make Puffin TV Browser a must-have APK for your Android TV.

FileSynced APK

And the last app on our list of the best APKs for Android TV in 2023 is FileSynced APK, an efficient and versatile file sharing and downloading app. Tailored to Android and Amazon devices, this APK employs a unique code system for file sharing. Users can upload files to the servers and set a code, which needs to be entered by the downloader, ensuring a secure file transfer. This feature offers an extra layer of privacy, enabling you to share files with specific people and control who has access to your data.

While it provides the option for private file sharing, FileSynced can also cater to public file sharing. This broadens its appeal, particularly for Android users who are keen on discovering apps that may not be available on platforms like Google Play. The APK is not only a download client but also facilitates file management, although uploading files to the tool’s server needs to be done through its website, requiring user registration. After an upload is initiated, a linked code is generated, followed by an access PIN. Furthermore, FileSynced is compatible with all file formats and enables users to add comments to downloads, enhancing its usability. Its swift file download capability and flexible sharing options, whether private or public, make FileSynced an indispensable APK for your Android TV.

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