How To Delete Pre-Installed APK’s on Android Phones

No matter which phone you purchase, every single smartphone invariably comes equipped with a set of pre-installed apps. These apps, included in your device by default, are designed to facilitate a smoother user experience. However, quite often, we find many of these apps to be unnecessary and they end up consuming a significant amount of our device’s storage. For those who are grappling with this issue, we’d like to assure you that removing these unneeded apps is quite straightforward.

In today’s article, we are going to guide you on how you can effortlessly delete these built-in Android apps. Here are the steps to accomplish this task –

Steps To Delete Pre-Installed APK’s on Android Phones

  • Begin by navigating to the ‘Settings’ of your Android device. This centralized hub is where you can modify all aspects of your device, including the management of applications
  • Within ‘Settings’, look for the ‘Apps and Notifications’ section and tap on it. Proceed by selecting ‘See all apps’. This action will reveal a comprehensive list of apps currently installed on your device.
  • From this extensive list, select the app that you wish to remove. Upon selection, you’ll be presented with several options pertaining to the chosen app. Tap on ‘Uninstall’ to initiate the removal of the app from your device.
  • You may encounter situations where some apps cannot be uninstalled. This typically occurs due to deep integration of the apps within the system. In such cases, you have the option to ‘Disable’ the app. While this doesn’t remove the app entirely, it prevents the app from functioning and frees up some of the resources it was using.

As we’ve highlighted above, certain apps resist removal through standard methods. While you can choose to disable these stubborn apps, we understand that some of you may prefer a complete deletion. With that in mind, we’ll guide you through the steps to entirely eradicate these apps from your Android device.

Steps to Delete Apps That Can’t Be Removed via the Settings Option

  1. The first step involves installing the Android Studio developer tool onto your PC and switching your phone into ‘Developer Mode’.
  2. To enable ‘Developer Mode’, navigate to the ‘Settings’ of your device, followed by the ‘About Phone’ section. Here, you’ll come across an option labeled ‘Build Number’.
  3. Tap the ‘Build Number’ option seven times to access ‘Developer Options’.
  4. Within ‘Developer Options’, you’ll encounter an extensive menu filled with a multitude of settings. Look for ‘USB Debugging’ among these options and activate it.
  5. Having enabled ‘USB Debugging’, you can now connect your device to your PC. Open ‘PowerShell’ on your PC from within the Android Studio Folder. With this connection established, you’re empowered to uninstall any apps that have been a thorn in your side for too long.

By following these easy steps, you’ll be able to get back a good amount of space on your Android phone. So, don’t worry anymore about those annoying pre-installed apps. You now know how to handle them properly.

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