How to Embed a Contact Card in a Google Docs Document Android App

Recently, you might have noticed a huge increase in the use of Google Docs, especially at workplaces. With the Android app, the convenience has increased even further. One fantastic feature available in the Google Docs Android app is the contact card, which enables you to do many things within the document itself. Earlier, you could only add a contact card in the comments section of Google Docs, but now you can directly embed it in the document.

First, you should know the uses of a contact card embedded in Google Docs on your Android device. Once you’ve entered it, you can scroll down to see the contact details of the person whose contact card is there. Google Docs offers more features that help users do much more than just see contact details. When you tap on the contact card, a Smart Chip opens below it, offering many options you can use. You can add the person to your contact list, schedule an event, start a video call or chat, or send an email to that person right from the document. This feature has made things much easier for all Google Docs users.

Steps to Embed a Contact Card in a Google Docs APK

Here’s how you can embed a Contact Card in a Google Docs Document using the Android app in a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Google Docs Document– On your Android device, open the Google Docs document where you want to add the contact card. If you haven’t created one yet, create one. Google Docs on Android has made this task simple and quick.
  2. Enter the Person’s Name– Use a mention like on social media apps. Type @ followed by the name of the person whose contact card you’re adding.
  3. Choose the Contact– A drop-down list will appear, allowing you to choose the contact. Select the one you want, and a contact card will appear in your content, from which you can take different actions without any difficulty.

Note*- Remember, adding a contact card doesn’t mean you’re sharing the document with them. If you want to share the document, follow the usual process or do it right from where you’ve mentioned the contact.

By adapting these steps to the Android platform, users can easily integrate this valuable feature into their workflow, enhancing their productivity and collaboration. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, embedding a contact card in a Google Docs Document using the Android app is now just that simple!

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