How to Enable Auto-Delete Feature on Telegram Android and iOS App

Among all the social messaging app, we have seen that Telegram is gaining huge popularity among the users. The major reason behind this is the features that this app provides and its huge network. Here the users are able to directly connect with anyone across the world. Along with this you can also join various groups that share amazing content.

A lot of other features are also there but the one that has been added recently is to auto-delete the messages. We all are quite concerned about our privacy whenever we are using any application specially the social networking or messaging one. The reason behind this concern is the growing cyber crimes these days. Although Telegram follows quite a strict privacy policy and your privacy is all protected here but it has now added an additional feature which impressed a lot of its users. With the auto-delete feature, you are able to delete any of your messages that you have sent to anyone easily. This will also help you to clear the entire history as well so that other person will not be having even a single message from your side.

This makes Telegram super convenient and comfortable for all of you to use as now you don’t have to stress over a text to someone. Now for all those wondering how they can enable this feature, here are the steps for both android and iOS users –

Enable the Auto-Delete Feature on the Telegram iOS App

  1. Here the first step will be to open your Telegram app from your device.
  2. After opening the app, you need to head towards the chat window of that person or group from which you wish to delete the messages.
  3. Now tap and hold on any of the message from the chat. After this, a short menu will pop up on your screen from which you will have to find out “select” option.
  4. The fourth step will be to click on the select option and then choose “clear chat” option. It will clear the complete chat of yours with that person or group.
  5. Now you will also see the option of “enable auto-delete”. You need to click on that and after this choose the time interval and you are all set. It will now automatically delete your chats within the time frame that you have selected.

Enable the Auto-Delete Feature on the Telegram Android App

  1. For Android also, you need to open the Telegram app from your android device.
  2. After this, go to the chat window from which you wish to delete the messages.
  3. Once you open any chat window, you will see three dots that will appear on the top right corner of the window. After clicking on those dots, a menu will appear.
  4. In this menu, you will see the option of “clear history” that you need to click on and after this you are required to set the time duration for auto-delete.
  5. Now the last step is to enable auto-delete. Follow all the above steps and at the end click on enable. Now it will auto-delete all the chats within the time frame that you have set up for that.

It has been seen that this is one of the best option that Telegram has introduced to the users. Now you are adding an extra layer of privacy and security to your chats with “auto-delete” feature.

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