How to Get Activation Code in Free Fire OB27 Advance Server.

When it comes to battle royale games Free Fire is one of those games that come to mind. All the people who play this game regularly must know that Garena often offers a Free Fire advance server. This server helps players test all the new features of the game. This time too Garena is launching its new Free Fire OB27 Advance Server and all the Free Fire players seem quite excited about it.

Now there is one thing you need to keep in mind. You cannot simply access the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server like you usually do. To gain access you need a specific activation code. You might be wondering how to get this activation code. First you should know that Garena does not provide the activation code to everyone. You have to follow a certain process and after that a limited number of people are chosen randomly to get the activation code.

So what you can do is get yourself registered. Without registration you won’t get the activation code. Once you register the rest is up to Garena’s random selection. Here are the steps to register for the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server:

  1. The first step is to go to the official website of Garena Free Fire. You can use the link we have provided to go directly to the website.
  2. The next step is to log in to the official website. You can log in in several ways but one of the easiest is using your Facebook account. Choose to log in via Facebook and you’ll be redirected to the Facebook login page. Enter your credentials and you’ll be logged into the Garena Free Fire website.
  3. After logging in you need to create your profile. You’ll be asked for details like your full name email address and phone number. To proceed with the registration for the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server you have to provide all this information.
  4. Once you fill in all the details double-check them. After that click the “Join Now” button. This way you’ve successfully registered for the Advance Server.

Follow these steps to successfully register for the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server. Once you register Garena will randomly choose users. Keep in mind not every user will get the activation code. Garena introduces the Advance Server for a limited number of users to test new features. So after you’ve followed all these steps wait for the announcement from Garena about the activation code. If you get the code you’re one of the lucky ones. If not wait for the final release when it will be available to all users.

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