How to Install Extensions (Add-Ons) in Mozilla Firefox APK

These days in our day to day life, we have seen that web browsers have become quite an important part of our lives. The reason being that we tend to do almost everything online only and for this we all need a good web browser. There are a lot of web browsers out there that people have been using these days and one of them is Mozilla Firefox APK.

Mozilla Firefox App is not something new to the market in fact people have been using it for quite a long time now. It comes along with some really amazing features but as we all know, we always want to do things our own way and make them personalised. All those people who use Mozilla Firefox APK can make this thing possible as it comes along with a feature that helps them install extensions or add-ons to get a more personalised experience. The main purpose of adding extensions or add-ons to your browser is to add a lot more features to it. This is going to make Mozilla, the way you like.

There are different kind of add-ons that are available for Mozilla and people easily installed them on to their browser. Here we are going to tell you that how you can get get extensions for your browser. First of all you should now that Mozilla also provides its recommendations for extensions so that you can easily add them directly. For those who are looking for something else, they can also find more add-ons. Here are the steps to add the recommendations provided by Mozilla itself –

  1. First step will be to open Mozilla Firefox App from any of your device, be it your smartphone or your PC. After opening it, you need to go to the menu button that will open up certain options for you.
  2. When you open the menu, you will see the option of “add-ons” and you need to click on that.
  3. After clicking on add-ons, it will open another list of action that you can do with this. From here you need to click on “recommendations” and it will open a complete list from which you will get to choose.
  4. Now to install the recommendations, you will see two options, one is “install theme” and another one is “add to Firefox”. You can choose either of them and it will directly add it to your browser. There is not any installation process, it will get installed automatically on to your browser once you click on any of these options.

Now for those who are unable to find what they were looking for in the list of recommendations provided by Mozilla, they can easily go for the option to find more add-ons.

  1. For this, you need to follow the above mentioned steps and when you go to the list of recommendations, you will see an option to “find more add-ons” at the bottom of the list.
  2. By clicking on this option, it will directly take you to and from here, you will be able to search for that what you have been looking for.

These are the two methods through which you can add extensions on your Mozilla Firefox APK and make it more personalised. This will help you to make things a lot more easy and quick.

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