How to Use Spoiler Tags on Discord Andorid App to Hide Text and Images?

In recent years, there has been huge development in social media platforms, and you’ve likely used many of them. But it’s quite rare to find an app where you can easily hang out with your friends or with different communities from around the world. One such app is Discord, which has made it easy for all of us to stay connected with others. There are different community servers you can be a part of. Even though it’s amazing to have such servers or you can say groups, sometimes people get irritated when others keep sending messages. In this case, you can use spoiler tags, which add a kind of formatting to your app so that only the people who want to see your message can open it.

Here’s how you can use spoiler tags on Discord to hide text and images in a few simple steps:

Add Spoiler Tags to Discord Text Messages

To add spoiler tags to Discord text messages, follow these simple steps:

  1. While typing the message where you want to add the spoiler tag, type “/spoiler” at the beginning of the message.
  2. This will send your message as “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” to the Discord server, and it will remain hidden to each recipient until they choose to view it.
  3. You can also add two vertical bars at both the beginning and end of your message, and it will display as a spoiler message.
  4. The recipients can tap on the spoiler message to view it.

Add Spoiler Tags to Images or Other Attachments

Just like text messages, it’s absolutely easy to add spoiler tags to images or other attachments. But you need to know that you can add spoiler tags to images or other attachments through the website only, as the Discord mobile app doesn’t support that. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. The first thing is to either open the Discord website or its desktop app and go to the server where you want to send the file with a spoiler tag.
  2. Add any file you want to send using the spoiler tag, be it an image or other attachment.
  3. Once you add the file, a preview will appear on your screen in a small window, and you’ll see an option “mark as spoiler” at the bottom. Click on the checkbox, and then click “upload.”
  4. Now that the file has been sent, you’ll see a spoiler tag appear on the screen. All recipients who want to open or view the file can easily do that. Once they tap on the spoiler tag that appears on the screen, they’ll be able to view the file and do other things with it.

These are the few simple steps through which you can easily hide text, images, or other files on Discord with the help of spoiler tags.

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