How to use the Fingerprint lock Feature in WhatsApp APK?

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the one app that we all rely on daily. It serves as a means of communication and connection for billions of people around the world. WhatsApp APK is considered one of the best social media APK’s that people use globally. The developers of this app are continually striving to provide more and more features so that users can have an amazing experience.

Today, we are talking about one of those incredible features that has recently been added to Whatspp APK, and people are loving it. The feature is a fingerprint lock. This feature has added another level of security to your privacy while using the app, as no one else other than you can open WhatsApp since it will require your fingerprint.

Steps to Enable fingerprint lock on Whatsapp APK

Here are a few steps through which you can enable this feature on your WhatsApp:

  1. First of all, you need to have a fingerprint sensor on your mobile phone, only then will you be able to use this feature.
  2. Now, open WhatsApp and go to the settings in your app.
  3. In settings, you have to go to your account, from where you can manage everything related to your account.
  4. Finally, when you tap on the account, you will see the privacy option. In privacy, go to the screen lock to enable this feature, and it’s done.

When you set the fingerprint lock, it will show you four different options:

  1. Immediately – By “immediately,” it means that it will ask for your fingerprint every time you open WhatsApp. This option provides extreme security.
  2. After 1 minute – If you don’t want to use this feature every time you open the app, you can choose the option ‘after 1 minute.’ It will require your fingerprint every one minute when you open the app.
  3. After 15 minutes – This option is suitable for when you are having a conversation or doing something else in the app. With this option, it will ask for your fingerprint every time you open WhatsApp after 15 minutes.
  4. After 1 hour – Now, if you don’t want to lock your app for a longer time, you can simply choose this option. It will ask for your fingerprint after every one hour.

Final Verdict

WhatsApp’s new fingerprint lock feature adds a significant layer of security to the user’s privacy. By offering various time-based options, it allows the user to customize the level of protection according to their preferences and needs. Whether seeking immediate verification or choosing a more extended period, users now have the flexibility and assurance to safeguard their conversations. This addition not only enhances the overall experience of using WhatsApp but also reflects the developers’ continuous commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. With a few simple steps, anyone with a fingerprint sensor on their mobile phone can activate this feature and enjoy a more secure and personalized way to communicate.

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