Spotify App Not Showing Lyrics Anymore? [How to Fix]

No matter what we are doing music is something that we can listen to at any point in time. Music means different things to different people and there are various emotions related to it. These days it has become quite easy for all of us to listen to our choice of music with so many music apps available. Among all the music apps Spotify is an amazing app that has been loved by millions of people around the world. It provides a huge variety for everyone no matter what their region or language is and that’s why this app is loved worldwide.

Back in November 2019 Spotify announced that they would provide real-time lyrics for the songs and they have also introduced this feature. People love this feature because it gives them a lot more options to explore. But it has been noticed that many people have reported problems with this feature saying that “Spotify is not showing lyrics anymore.”

First of all you need to understand why this problem is occurring. Here are the reasons:

  • Spotify offers real-time lyrics support for a wide variety of songs and it’s possible that they haven’t added the lyrics for the song you’re listening to. The feature is still under development.
  • Another reason might be that the lyrics for a particular song are not available in your region. There are many songs whose lyrics are not available globally so they don’t show to people who are out of that region.

These are the possible reasons why you might be facing this issue but there’s nothing to worry about as you can easily fix it.

When Spotify decided to show lyrics they partnered with Genius which helps share knowledge in the music industry. Through this partnership Spotify was able to introduce lyrics support. Genius has also created a tool under this partnership that helps Spotify users access the lyrics and other information related to any particular song. If you’re wondering how to use this tool here are the steps:

  1. Your first step is to open the Spotify app on your device because it’s simpler on the app compared to the web. If you haven’t downloaded the Spotify app you can download it right away from the direct link we have provided.
  2. After opening the Spotify app you need to play any song for which you want to see the lyrics. Your next step is to go to the title of the song because from there you can access the lyrics and other information about the song.
  3. The app will then show you details about the song like the artist and several other features. You need to scroll down to see the lyrics and the song history. Once you scroll down you will see the lyrics of the song that you’re currently playing. If you’re still not able to see the lyrics it means that the lyrics for this song haven’t been added yet.

If you’re still unable to see the lyrics then wait for some time as Spotify is likely adding the lyrics for that song.

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