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09 October 2023
Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
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This is new Sparktacularly Spooky Update! ● New Capital District - Goblin Mines ● Mega Sparky - a new Capital Mega Troop that does mega damage! ● If you need an extra helping hand, Goblin Builder is here for a limited time!


Clash of Clans is a popular Android game developed by Supercell. It stands as an iconic strategy game in the android mobile gaming realm. Set in a fantasy world, players commence by building a village from scratch, using resources like gold and elixir. As the village grows, players fortify their settlements with walls, cannons, and other defences to safeguard against attacks. This growth is twofold: enhancing the village’s infrastructure and training an array of troops, ranging from the fierce Barbarians to the fire-wielding Wizards. The game beautifully combines elements of building, resource management, and strategic warfare, ensuring players remain engrossed.

The heart of Clash of Clans, however, lies in its community-driven approach. Players can join or create Clans, which are teams that collaborate in both defence and offence. Clan Wars, where groups challenge one another in epic battles, are the highlight. Winning these wars provides bountiful rewards and bragging rights. There’s also a competitive layer, with Clan War Leagues allowing clans to compete against each other, aiming for supremacy. The camaraderie and strategy involved in these group battles make them a favourite among players.

While the game offers an extensive single-player campaign, battling goblins and conquering their territories, its multiplayer aspect is what has cemented its legacy. Players worldwide raid each other’s villages, aiming to loot resources and climb the ranks. Continuous updates introduce fresh challenges, troops, and features, keeping the gameplay dynamic. Whether it’s the joy of successfully defending one’s village or the thrill of a coordinated Clan attack, Clash of Clans offers a myriad of moments that have made it a staple on Android and other platforms.

Clash of Clans- Features

  1. Village Building: This feature allows players to erect and personalise their own settlements. Using resources like gold, elixir, and dark elixir, they can construct defence structures, resource collectors, and other essential buildings.
  2. Diverse Troops: The game boasts a myriad of military units, each offering unique capabilities. From the basic Barbarians with their brute strength to the Dragons that breathe fire, troop diversity encourages varied battle strategies.
  3. Clan Formation: Players can either form a clan, essentially a group, or join one. Being in a clan offers camaraderie, cooperative gameplay, and access to shared resources.
  4. Clan Wars: Clans can declare wars against one another. This involves members attacking opposing clan members to secure stars, with the clan earning the most stars emerging victorious and earning valuable rewards.
  5. Clan War Leagues: This is a competitive arena where clans battle against others in a league format, aiming to advance to higher leagues and earn even greater rewards.
  6. Single-player Campaign: An offline mode where players engage in battles against goblin bases. Conquering these gives players resources and serves as a good practice arena.
  7. Defensive Structures: To thwart attacks, players can build structures like walls, traps, and towers. Each defence has its strengths and weaknesses against certain troops.
  8. Heroes: These are powerful, upgradeable units with special abilities. For example, the Barbarian King is a sturdy melee hero, while the Archer Queen attacks from a distance.
  9. Magic Items: These are consumable items that provide various boosts, such as speeding up upgrades or instantly filling resource storages.
  10. Friendly Wars & Challenges: Allows players to challenge clanmates or friends to a battle without the risk of losing resources, mainly for practice or bragging rights.
  11. Builder Base: A separate island that players can sail to, featuring its unique set of buildings, troops, and a different battle format called “Versus Battles”.
  12. Season Challenges: Monthly tasks that players can complete to earn rewards, including magic items and cosmetics.
  13. Regular Updates: Supercell frequently rolls out updates that introduce new troops, balance existing units, or add new features to keep the game fresh.
  14. Global Leaderboards: Players can earn trophies by attacking others. Accumulating these can place them on global leaderboards, showcasing the top players worldwide.
  15. Real-time Spectating: When clanmates are attacking in Clan Wars, others can watch the battle unfold live, cheering on or providing feedback.
  16. In-game Chat: An integrated chat system allows players to communicate with their clan, strategise for wars, or just socialise.
  17. Custom Decorations: Beyond functional buildings, players can also add decorative items to their village, letting them personalise and beautify their base.


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