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06 October 2023
Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
334 MB

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Gacha Lavender is one of the most modified popular app for the Gacha universe and especially designed for the Android phones. Originating from the iconic Gacha Club, this version offers an immersive experience with enhanced features that are bound to captivate both the newcomers and the seasoned players of the Gacha games. With its visually appealing graphics and a vast array of characters, Gacha Lavender promises a gaming experience like no other.

One of the standout features of Gacha Lavender is its expansive roster of characters. Players are introduced to 100 new characters, with 10 familiar ones from Gacha Club, while the rest are innovative additions. These characters are not just static figures; they come alive with over 600 distinct poses, ensuring that each gameplay session feels fresh and personalized. The game allows players to experiment with and express their creativity in ways they hadn’t imagined before.

Beyond the characters and their poses, Gacha Lavender stands out for its high level of customization. Players have the autonomy to tweak every aspect of their chosen character, from costumes and accessories to the minutiae like hair and eyes. This unparalleled customization ensures that every character can be a unique reflection of the player’s persona or imagination. Furthermore, the game has a nifty feature of sharing. Players can share their unique creations with others and similarly import characters, leading to a vibrant and continually evolving gameplay environment.

So, if you want to download a game that offers rich features, user-friendly interface, creativity, strategy, and fun then Gacha Lavender is a perfect game for you.

Gacha Lavender Game- Features

  • 100 Additional Characters – The game offers a staggering 100 extra characters. Ten of these characters hail from the original game. The developers have crafted the remaining 90 providing players with a diverse selection to enhance their gameplay experience.
  • New Poses – The game features an expansive array of poses. Some poses are derived from the original game but the developer has incorporated many new ones. This means players have over 600 distinct poses to select from ensuring every character can strike a unique pose.
  • Import/Export Characters – The game provides a feature where players can craft their own distinctive characters. Just like in Gacha Club they can share these with other players and also incorporate characters crafted by their peers ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving roster of characters.
  • 4. Numerous Customizations – The game offers the power of customization directly into players’ hands. With an abundance of styles spanning costumes accessories hairstyles and more players can let their creativity run wild. By blending different elements players can bring to life a truly unique character.
  • 5. Completely Free – The game features a completely free playing model. Players can effortlessly download it without encountering pesky paywalls or disruptive ads ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive gameplay experience.
  • Create Your Own Characters and Scenes – The game provides a comprehensive studio where players can forge various characters. The studio is filled with numerous resources from apparel to weapons to pets all of which can be combined in endless ways. This results in unlimited possibilities whether players are crafting characters or constructing 2D scenes.

Highlighted Features

  • Primary and Additional Characters – The game offers 10 primary characters and over 90 additional ones.
  • Color Customization – The game features the ability to alter the color of almost every game item.
  • Array of Poses – The game provides a whopping 600 different poses.
  • Character Customization – The game offers tweaks for the hair eyes and accessories of every character.
  • Objects and Pets – The game features an array of objects and pets for selection.
  • Distinct Profiles – The game allows characters to have their own unique profiles.
  • Export and Import Functionality – The game offers players the liberty to export and import characters whether self-made or crafted by peers.
  • Gacha Game Lineage – For gacha game aficionados Gacha Lavender is a creative haven and it aligns with titles like Neon Redux Star Glitch and Universal.


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