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01 October 2023
Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
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InstaPro APK is a popular Android app that offers many unique features not found in the standard Instagram application. This app is made just for Android users. It is a modified version of Instagram and gives an upgraded experience that goes beyond the official app. InstaPro makes the social media platform you like more flexible and easy to use. First, let’s talk about privacy features. InstaPro lets you hide your story views and read receipts for direct messages. This means you can use Instagram more privately without letting your friends or followers know.

One key feature of this app is its ability to download Instagram media straight to your Android phone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a photo, a video, or even a reel. InstaPro lets you save everything with just one tap. This feature means you don’t have to take screenshots or use another app to download content. If you like making your apps look a certain way, InstaPro can help. The app has options for customizing the interface. These let you change how Instagram looks and feels so it suits your taste better. You can also change the app layout and use special video filters not found in the official version.

Another key feature is one-click reel saving. If you find a reel you love, you can save it to your phone with just one click. The app also lets you make profile pictures bigger. This gives a clearer view of photos that sometimes look too small. If you want to handle more than one account or just want more privacy, InstaPro has an app lock feature. This lets you lock your Instagram with a pin or pattern, making your social media use more secure.

While InstaPro APK has many extra features, it’s important to be careful when using it. This app is not official. The maker of this app changed the original Instagram app code. So, there could be security risks or even a chance of getting your Instagram account banned. We suggest our users not to use their main IDs. You can use this app just for fun. If you’re looking for a reliable and popular modded Instagram app for your Android device that has strong privacy settings and is equipped with anti-ban features, you might think about downloading InstaPro APK.

InstaPro APK- Features

  • Download Media – The app allows you to download photos, videos, and reels directly to your Android device.
  • Hide Story Views – The app offers a feature where you can watch stories without letting the original poster know.
  • Customizable Interface – The app allows you to tweak its look and feel according to your taste.
  • One-Click Reel Saving – With this app, you can save reels with just one tap.
  • Enlarge Profile Pictures – The app allows you to zoom in on profile pictures for a better view.
  • Copy Bio Text – The app offers a simple way to copy someone’s bio text.
  • App Lock – For added security, the app offers a lock feature that you can activate.
  • Unique Video Filters – The app offers special video filters not found in the standard Instagram app.
  • Advanced Privacy Settings – This app provides more control over your privacy settings.
  • Add Posts to Highlights – You can use this app to quickly add regular posts to your story highlights.
  • View Full-Size DP – The app allows you to view anyone’s profile picture in full size.
  • Hide Read Receipts – The app offers a feature to hide read receipts in direct messages.
  • Exclusive Stickers and Emojis – The app offers a unique set of stickers and emojis for your posts and stories.
  • Scheduled Posts – The app allows you to schedule posts so you can maintain consistency.
  • Ad-Free Experience – The app offers an interface free of ads for a cleaner user experience.


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